Rev Alameen Spells

Rev. Alameen Spells was born and raised in Queens, NY. He’s the son of the late Evangelist Carolyn Spells who was a passionate lover of all people. It’s in New York where he received his education, graduating from Nassau Community College with an associate’s degree majoring in mortuary science and an associate degree in Christian Leadership from Christian Service Training Institute and continues his studies there.

Rev. Spells was raised in the church from birth by his mother. He loved attending church with his family. He has always been very active in the ministry. His Pastor in NY (the late Bishop Avant Lytle, Sr.) Took him under is wing at an early age seeing how he had a passion to serve and a great love for people. He started serving in the church at the age of 9 as an usher, and became a deacon at the age of 12, and became the personal assistant to his Pastor.

It was at the age of 9 that Pastor Spells knew that he was called to preach. At the age of 10 he preached his first sermon. At the age of 14 he became a licensed minister, and ordained in 2001.

Pastor Spells has preached in small and large congregations but his love is dealing with people on a one on one basis. His desire is to see healthy families thrive, communities grow in God, and individuals come into the knowledge of God